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A podcast to study English

Dialogue Frog is a podcast for practicing English listening and speaking skills. With short conversations and weekly updates, it is fun and easy to study English with Dialogue Frog! 


The benefit of studying with short English conversations

Short conversations are the easiest to use for practicing English. Most conversations on Dialogue Frog are about 3 minutes long. They are easy to listen to and repeat. This makes it easier to listen to the pronunciation and intonation of English words when they are used in conversations. 

These short dialogues can be used in many different ways depending on your current level of English. Listen and repeat the conversations to focus on improving your pronunciation, intonation or listening comprehension. 

To get you started, read 3 Ways to Improve Your Speaking and Listening Skills in English with Dialogue Frog’s short English conversations.


On the Dialogue Frog website, you can listen to the same short conversations from the podcase while following along with a transcript. Each episode page also has a vocabulary list. Some episodes also have fun videos or additional information on the ‘Extra!’ tab. Use the these tools to help with your listening comprehension. New episodes are added to the website once per week. 

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The Dialogue Frog podcast is a convenient way to practice with short English conversations. Subscribe to Dialogue Frog on your favorite audio streaming service. The Dialogue Frog podcast updates once per week.


Meet the voices of Dialogue Frog


Emma is the main host of Dialogue Frog. Emma enjoys learning languages, talking with people, reading books and watching international tv shows. She can speak some Japanese and is starting to learn Chinese. In the future, she wants to study Korean and French.


Rachel is an occasional co-host of Dialogue Frog. When she isn’t working, she enjoys sewing, painting and making jewelry. She also knows a lot about nutrition and cooking. Rachel’s special talent is in making cute and silly voices.


Luke is a co-host of Dialogue Frog. He spends most of his time listening to music, writing music, playing musical instruments or shopping for more musical equipment. When he isn't working on music, Luke enjoys telling jokes, playing old video games, board games and building things. He once studied Italian and French and claims to know a little English. 


Geoff is an occasional co-host of Dialogue Frog. He enjoys a good cup of coffee and listening to vinyl records. He is also fond of his pet cat, Kitty.


What is Dialogue Frog?

Dialogue Frog is a podcast and website for studying English by using short conversations.


Dialogue Frog updates with a new conversation once a week on this website and also on most podcast services, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.

Follow us on your favorite music or podcast app so you won’t miss a new episode!

How do I use Dialogue Frog to improve my English?

There are many different ways to use Dialogue Frog to improve your English. You may want to focus on listening comprehension, intonation or pronunciation. 


Read our 3 Ways to Improve Your Speaking and Listening Skills in English page for more ideas. 

Help! I have a grammar question!

Questions are great! Unfortunately, we focus on  conversations and listening practice at Dialogue Frog. Grammar is very important but it is not the focus of our podcast.


If you have a grammar question while listening to Dialogue Frog, try asking your friends on social media. If you are taking English classes, try asking your teacher or tutor. You can also post your question in a community of native English speakers or English learners on language exchange websites or applications. 

What's up with the name Dialogue Frog?

The ending sound of the word ‘dialogue’ rhymes with the word ‘frog.’ We felt this play on words suited the short and sometimes silly nature of a Dialogue Frog conversation. 


You can thank Luke for the name. 🙂