Practice English Dialogue | Banking Holiday | 105

In this practice English dialogue, Emma talks about the recent banking holiday in the U.S. On federal or banking holidays in the U.S., banks are closed but other places may be open or have special hours, such as gas stations and grocery stores.

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Practice English Dialogue | Transcript

Emma (00:02):
Welcome to a practice English dialogue with Dialogue Frog. So, Luke, what have you been up to lately?

Luke (00:10):
Um, not much. What about you?

Emma (00:15):
Oh, just the usual. I had to run some errands the other day, but because of the holiday, I encountered some problems.

Luke (00:22):
Uh oh. Were people partying?

Emma (00:24):
Well, I mean, there was that. That's true, but more like, whenever there's a holiday, depending on the holiday, sometimes some places are closed, right?

Luke (00:33):
Yeah. That's true.

Emma (00:35):
So, in this case, it was, uh, the 4th of July on Monday, right, and the 4th of July in America is what's called a, a federal holiday, but also sometimes it's called a banking holiday.

Luke (00:47):
Oh yeah.

Emma (00:47):
And so when we call it a banking holiday it's because the banks are closed. And so sometimes you can go to, for example, the gas station, but you can't go to the bank because the bank will be closed for the, for the federal holiday or the banking holiday.

Luke (01:04):
I see.

Emma (01:05):
So, I wasn't really able to do all of my errands because it was a holiday.

Luke (01:11):
That's too bad.

Emma (01:13):
What about you? What'd you do on the holiday?

Luke (01:15):
Um, I ate too much and then I suffered the consequences.

Emma (01:20):
That is a classic holiday right there.

Luke (01:22):
Mm-hmm, it's true.

Emma (01:25):
Well, this has been a practice English dialogue with Dialogue Frog for transcripts and vocabulary lists. Please visit our website

Practice English Dialogue | Vocabulary List

What have you been up to lately?
Not much.
What about you?
Just the usual.
run errands
uh oh
Well, I mean...
That's true.
Whenever there's...., sometimes....
..., right?
in this case
4th of July
federal holiday
banking holiday
gas station
That's too bad.
What'd you do?
suffered the consequences