2. Transportation

Listen to a short English conversation about transportation to practice your English speaking and listening skills.

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Emma: You are listening to Dialogue Frog’s short and sometimes silly English conversations for listening, imitation and shadowing practice. Today is episode two and we’re talking about transportation. Luke is here again today and my name is Emma.

Luke: Hey everyone.

Emma: So transportation. How you get form one place to another place.

Luke: Yep. That is what transportation is.

Emma: Yes, that’s a good definition. So depending on where you live in the world, it looks different. Where we live. Cars. Almost everyone has a car or uses a car. To get from A to B.

Luke: And occasionally to C.

Emma: Yeah, if you have to, but no one really wants to go to C.

Luke: Yeah that’s true.

Emma: You really only see bicycles for recreation. You don’t see many people using bicycles or bikes for transportation.

Luke: Yeah.

Emma: You see motorcycles in the summer.

Luke: Yeah, where we live, a lot of the buildings are kind of spread out so it makes traveling by bicycle some-sometimes it can be impractical just to get there in time. But yeah, cars are popular.

Emma: We don’t have trains. We don’t have subways.

Luke: We do have the restaurant Subway though.

Emma: That is true, for when you need the sub sandwich.

Luke: Yep.

Emma: Those are popular.

Luke: Yep.

Emma: But see you have to have transportation to get to the subway sandwich store.

Luke: That’s true. And they don’t have too many subway sandwich drive through so.

Emma: I didn’t even know there were subway drive throughs.

Luke: I don’t know that there are. Its just if you’re ins your car and you’re trying to. If You use your car as a mode of transport you have to get out and then walk into the subway to order your sandwich so…

Emma: That’s another unique thing about a lot of Amer is because we rely so much on cars, we have a lot of restaurants that we drive to and through to get our food rather than going into the restaurant or going to the store and picking up the food and going home to eat it. A lot of people eat in their car.

Luke: Mm, hmm. And there’re planes too. We haven’t talked about planes at all.

Emma: You know, I used a plane to get to work the other day. No, I didn’t. But that’s true. If you need to get to, from, a larger area, to get to a different area that’s is much farther away, you use planes. There’s busses

Luke: There’s buses.

Emma: Long distance busses.

Luke: And boats.

Emma: Not so much inside the U.S. Maybe for going along the coast you could take a ferry. Or from an island. To and from an island you could take a ferry.

Emma: Well. This was a fun conversation on modes of transportation. But we’ve hit our time again today. Thank you for joining us and we will talk to you next time on Dialogue Frog.

Luke: Yep. See ya.

Kind of
Spread out
Get there
In time
Drive through (Drive-thru)
Picking up
Long distance
Going along